About our Worship

Written by Pastor Aaron Decker. Posted in About our Community

Worship Services at Immanuel are uplifting events where the participation of the entire family is encouraged. Please note below a list of practices that encourage a full worship experience for all in attendance.

Receiving Communion

All baptized Christians are welcome to come to our Lord’s Table for Holy Communion, the sacrament in which we receive Christ’s body and blood for the forgiveness of sins. We commune using the scriptural elements of bread and wine. Grape juice and gluten-free bread are provided as alternatives for those who request either from the Assisting Minister. Wine and grape juice are administered in individual cups.

Children who have not received their First Communion are invited to come forward and receive a blessing. Communicants are requested to come down the center aisle to receive as directed by the ushers and return by the side aisles.

Those who have difficulty with physically coming forward for Holy Communion are encouraged to sit near the front of the sancurary and the Pastor and Communion assistants will serve you at your seat near the conclusion of the meal.

Welcoming of Children

Children are especially welcome in our worship. We have a separate bulletin just for them and also “Little Lutheran Bags” filled with soft and quiet playthings. Please request one from the ushers. If you prefer, childcare is available for children up to age 3 in the nursery during worship services. Parents will be issued pagers in case the nursery workers need to contact them.

First Time Visitors

If you are a first time visitor to Immanuel's worship service, kindly enter your name in the red pad/book found at the end of each pew.  There you can tell us your contact information and if you'd like a Pastor to contact you regarding questions or church membership.