Our Mission

Written by Pastor Aaron Decker. Posted in About our Community

Our purpose is to gather people, nurture faith, grow in God's love, and serve God's world.

Gather People

God's love surrounds all things, and God yearns for His people to draw near to Him.  We believe one of the most important ways we respond to God's call is through the Church.  Immanuel Lutheran is a place where all people are welcome to gather in devotion and service to God.  New members are being welcomed into our community all the time, through the sacrament of Baptism if they are not already Baptized, or through an affirmation of the one Baptism we all share if they come to us from another Christian community.

Nurture Faith

Faith is nurtured through regular worship and learning.  Our worship is in the Lutheran tradition, using a liturgy that reaches back over a millennium in its shape and language, but is often new and exciting as well.  Worship begins with reading and preaching on God's Word revealed in the Old and New Testaments.  We then receive the real presence of Jesus Christ in the sacrament of Holy Communion.

It is important for Christians to continually nurture their faith by learning more about the scriptures and traditions of the faith.  Immanuel has Sunday school classes for all ages--3 to 103.  It doesn't matter if you are a scholar of the faith or have never opened a Bible--you can learn something at Immanuel, and you have plenty to share with others as well!  Other learning opportunities are available throughout the week or at special times during the year.  Please ask one of our pastors if you have a specific interest.

Grow in God's Love

As we learn more about how God loves and redeems each of us, we are moved to love and support one another.  Immanuel Lutheran has many opportunities for care, support, and fellowship within our community.  Stephen Ministers provide accompaniment care for those with particular needs.  Youth gather nearly every week for social and service time.  Small groups meet monthly to grow in relationship with God and one another.  Our community is constantly in prayer for the concerns of those around us.

Serve God's World

Renewed by the stories of faith in God's Word, strengthened by the body and blood of the Lord, and inspired by our sisters and brothers in Christ, God sends us out to renew, strengthen, and inspire our world.  Immanuel reaches beyond the church community to many partners in our neighborhood, Worcester county, our country, and the whole world.  God gifts each person with myriad talents and resources, and calls each one of us to be God's own hands and He breathes new life into every corner of creation.

Won't you join us, as we respond together to God's call to Gather, Nurture, Love, and Serve?