Sunday School Forms

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2017-2018 Sunday School Registration Form - click on the link below:


2017-2018 Youth Ministry Permission Form - click on the link below:

images/PDFs/SunSchool/Youth Permission Form 2017-18.jpg


Safe Church Policy and Forms

Immanuel's Safe Church Policy was last reviewed and updated: May 2015.

Immanuel's Safe Church Policy


For All Safe Church Forms:  

Click on Safe Church Policy link above, print page, then fill out and return to Immanuel.


Volunteers (age 18+) must fill out both, a CORI form and a Volunteer Covenant (every 3 years).

CORI Acknowledgement Form - found on pages 9-11

Volunteer Participation Covenant - found on page 6 



Employees must fill out both, a CORI form and an Employee Covenant (every 3 years).

CORI Acknowledgement Form - found on pages 9-10

Employee Participation Covenant - found on page 7


Youth Volunteers must have completed 6th grade and be under the age of 18, and fill out a Youth Volunteer Covenant once each year

Youth Volunteer Participation Covenant - found on page 8



Incident report to be filled out for injury/incident on Immanuel property

Incident Report Form - found on page 5 



Photo permission form to be filled out to grant/refuse permission for photos of your children to be published

Publication/Website Photo Permission Form - found on page 12 


This link will take you to Immanuel's Safe Church Policy Power Point Training Video:

The video is less than 15 minutes long - Click link to watch: Immanuel's Safe Chuch Policy Traing Video

 These links will take you to New England Synod's Safe Church Information:

The Synod's Safe Church video is about 45 minutes long - Click this link to watch:

Link to the page with the Synod's Safe Church resources: