Introduction to Light and Life

Written by Pastor Aaron Decker. Posted in Light and Life

Welcome to "Life and Light," Immanuel Lutheran's new weekly devotional email. A suggestion of our Nurture Planning Team, this will be an opportunity to reflect with the community on our spiritual selves--one more chance to invite the in-breaking of the Spirit in our daily lives. For the time being, we'll be connecting two of the Nurture Purpose Team's areas of responsibility by inviting you to reflect on our worship practices, particularly through Lutheran liturgy. In our first series of emails, we'll be taking up the creeds.


We'd love to invite you to reflect on these ancient statements of faith which stand in the center of our worship, and to share those reflections with your faith community. If you would like to share your own devotion on the creeds, please do send it to the church office.  While it may not appear immediately, rest assured that we will use it!


If on the other hand you would prefer not to receive one more email in an already full box, you can unsubscribe from this mailing list without losing your subscription to our monthly Herald Newsletter or other mailings. Just use the "Unsubscribe" link that is part of this email, use the "Sign Up" link on our website, or drop a note to the church office. (And of course, if you would like to invite others to subscribe, all are always welcome!