3/28 - The Power of Thanks

. Posted in 2013 Lenten Readings

For I pass on to you what I received from the Lord Himself. On the night he was betrayed, the Lord took some bread and gave thanks to God for it…. [1 Cor. 11: 23-24]

In the January 27th Parade Magazine there was an article by Brad Meltzer, an author, about the power of thanks. I’ll summarize the article here. Brad had gotten a letter of thanks from a sailor on a submarine which leads him to get his publisher to donate 40,000 books to the USO. Eleven years later he was on a USO tour and someone who had benefited from that donation came up to Brad and thanked him for the donation. This incident lead Brad to want to call the person who initially sent him a thank you note so he could thank him for initiating this whole chain of events. When he called the person he spoke with seemed a little down so he asked him about how he was feeling. This person had just lost his mother to breast cancer a few days earlier. Brads mother had recently died of breast cancer so Brad was able to offer some words of comfort. More than a decade had past and the note that took Brad halfway around the world brought him back to its originator at the very moment he was needed.

Brads closing comments are: Sometimes we feel alone in the universe. But sometimes it is clear that we are profoundly connected.

I would say that sometimes we don’t know what God is up to but sometimes it is clear that there is a plan.


God help us continue following you and doing what it is we think you want us to do with our lives even when we don’t understand the end result.

Submitted by Dave Farabaugh