3/17 - A Prayer of St. Augustine

. Posted in 2013 Lenten Readings

O God, through whom all things are, which of themselves could have no being;

God, whom every creature capable of loving, loves, whether consciously or unconsciously;

God, from whom to go out is to waste away; to whom to return is to revive; in whom to dwell is to live;

God, to whom faith excites, hope uplifts, love joins:

God, through whom we overcome the enemy,


0 You do I supplicate. . . . After You I am groping. . . . Cause me, 0 Father, to seek you aright; let me not stray from the path. If I desire nothing beside Yourself, let me, I implore, find You now; but if there is in me the desire for something beside Yourself, purify me, and make me fit to look upon You!

Taken from Preludes to Prayer


I am thankful for helping others that have less than me and need support because it is not just helping those in need but also helping God.

Submitted by Nichole Vernon