3/16 - I'm a "None"

. Posted in 2013 Lenten Readings

     In the editorial section of the Telegram and Gazette on January 5, 2013 there was an article by Esther Cepeda with the heading “Personal spirituality ‘none’ of your business”.  She began by saying, “OK, I’ve now become a “none.” That’s what the Pew Research Center calls those of us who either don’t practice a faith or prefer to keep our beliefs to ourselves. Pew’s findings from a global study of religious practice also called people like me “unaffiliated.” But “none” has a more authentic ring to it.”


     The gist of the article defends her desire to keep her beliefs “quiet and private”, because so much of her life is already out there in a blog or pictured in Instagram. Her argument reminds me of dear friends of ours. Years ago they gave up on church and now spend Sunday mornings going for a walk and having breakfast out. It is such a sensitive subject that we never bring it up anymore. They attended church regularly when their three children were living at home, but a disagreement ended that affiliation and they refused to consider going somewhere else. They profess to a close, personal relationship with God through daily prayers and by being kind to others.


     I think these people don’t realize how much they are missing. Jesus went off by himself to pray to his Father quite often, but he always returned to his disciples and the crowds of people who needed him. The church offers us a community of believers and a comfortable place to improve our relationship with Christ. The coming together is a really important part of the whole faith experience. Everything gets easier with practice and that includes worship. You could even think of it as a team sport like hockey or soccer. You can practice your technique all by yourself for hours on end, but the greatest satisfaction comes from scoring goals with your teammates. As in any sport we can even have heroes. Within our church family there are faithful followers of Christ that I admire, and I’m happy to be going wherever they’re going.


Lord, I thank you for the chance to be a Christian in a community of believers. Their faithfulness has strengthened my faith. I see and hear you most clearly whenever we come together to worship you here at Immanuel. Amen


Submitted by Kathy Cranson