3/11 - Unnamed

. Posted in 2013 Lenten Readings

He works in different ways,

Helping and guiding throughout every day,

He has taught me to love,

He has taught me the wrong from the right,

He has shown me the path I am taking is just fine,

God has changed my perspective on life,

He has told me to embrace the beauty of the world,

From a dancing snowflake to a bright orange butterfly,

To be a part of a group,

That has the same view,

Who comes every Sunday,

To praise the Lord too,

They have made me smile and laugh,

Shown me the ways that kindness can spread,

From the Crop Walk to the Soup Kitchen,

To Communion,

Sharing their wine and their bread,

The church has forever changed how I see this world,

I go once a week to forgive and to be forgiven,

To accept and feel accepted,

To love and learn,

Understand and trust,

They morphed me into the person I know I can be,

Challenging me the ability to see,

The way people in this world will decree,

The way many will obey,

Thank you for guiding me,

Each and every day.


-Madelyne Saulnier