3/8 - Making sense of Evolution

. Posted in 2013 Lenten Readings

In the beginning God created… [Genesis 1:1]

I just finished reading a book called “Making sense of Evolution” by John F Haught and wanted to pass on to you an interesting analogy from the book.

When you are reading this page you could ask how did this page come about. One answer could be the scientific answer that explains the process of getting black ink to bond to white paper. This answer would be absolutely true but it would say nothing about the meaning behind the words. Another answer could be that Haught had some ideas he wanted to convey to people so he got someone to publish them. This answer is also absolutely true but it would say nothing of the technology needed to get a book or paper produced.

Haughts thought is that science can explain how things come about but not why. Why should be left to the theologians. He doesn’t want us to deny what science has given us but to use the knowledge we’ve gained from science to help us better understand God. Obviously he has a lot more to say in the book but maybe this little bit will give you something to think about.

I pray that we can learn to use what we gain from science to lead us to a better understanding of God and what God would want from us in our lives.

Submitted by Dave Farabaugh