3/7 - God Reveals Himself To Us In Different Ways

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This essay was inspired by both Pastor Dan’s sermon January 13th I think, and the woman’s bible study that met on Monday, the next evening, led by Kathy Cranson, both of which focused on how God reveals himself to us. At our Bible study, Ellen Friend spoke of a special place of beauty at her summer home where she likes to go and reflect and talk to God. One person said anyone, even a non-believer, can go to a beautiful place and appreciate it without thinking of God. Jackie, whose insights I love to hear said, “well, perhaps it is only Christians that are able to see God in that beautiful place” And yes, I agree, Two for one. To be able to appreciate the beauty of the moment and also see God in that image.    

                           And so it is I wish to share my image of when God speaks to me, us really, Bill and I.   We are blessed to have the opportunity to enjoy a place on a lake in Maine. In order to access this house on the lake, we travel on a dirt road through the middle of a 50-acre blueberry field. The field is flat and surrounded by deep thick woods of pine, fir, and softwoods. We often see deer, fox, coyote and wild turkeys here. As you drive through this blueberry field the flat dirt road changes as you approach the trees and begins to a decline and you enter the wooded landscape approaching the lake, the lake of course being at the lowest point of land. So down you go until you almost reach the lakeshore and another dirt road takes you parallel to the lake to our little house. Now, conversely, when you exit , you take the same route, and this is the point of my little story. You travel back on the same dirt road, paralleling the lake and then the road turns and begins to climb up through the woods onto the flat 50-acre blueberry field. This incline is quite steep, in fact, when I do walk it I become Mrs. Huffer-Puffer, and Bill glides through with bricks in his backpack as he trains for his hikes.   Anyway, and now this is really the point. You travel up that incline out of the shade of the trees and reach the plateau and immediately you see the sky meet the land with 180-degree perspective. Bill always says at this point, “Lets see what painting God has created today” and yes indeed they are spectacular sights. So much blue sky, with unusual cloud formations and such an eye full. This experience is so extraordinary and we never take it for granted. So it is at that moment of reveal that we often will stop the car, and take a few moments to listen, to speak, to ask and to give thanks. I always feel God says to me at that moment, “ Peace be with you”. I can’t say that I have received any particular messages pertaining to whatever circumstances I may be concerned about at the time, but I do feel peace, love and gratitude for the day. There is no doubt in my mind that God is speaking to me.

Maybe this summer I’ll photograph that scene and recreate it on paper with paint. For some reason I have not been able to attempt that endeavor, as those moments are so special that I think they belong to just Bill, God and myself. I couldn’t do justice anyway to such a beautiful creation and our joy is in anticipation of that experience. I think I shall just let God continue to speak to us there at that place and at that time.

Submitted by Erika Higgins