2/27 - The Day God Found Me...Or Did I Find Him?

. Posted in 2013 Lenten Readings

         I bundled up in my cold weather gear, laced up my sneakers and headed out for an early morning jog. I started my day with a beautiful blessing from the Lord! A new layer of freshly fallen snow, a blue sky and sunshine which made the snow sparkle like diamonds. Each step I took made a crunching sound under my feet. Cold air surrounded me and although it should have been chilling my bones, I was wrapped in warmth and surrounded by nature’s peacefulness. I seized this moment to be alone with God. I know He is always there patiently waiting for me to talk with him but I tend to crowd my days with “life” from the minute my alarm clock goes off to the second I lay my head down on my pillow to go to bed at night. Does anyone else do this? How is it that I let life happen and let it practically consume me that I neglect to squeeze in “God time” as part of my daily routine? He is a patient God but it isn’t right for me to fit Him in when I have time.   I have a solution to this issue! It came to me during my morning jog.

          As I was jogging along and hanging out with God, I noticed myself becoming more relaxed, practically smiling and I began to feel grounded and peaceful. (Before my run I was thinking of all the things I needed to get done that day and I shouldn’t take too long!) I began to wonder… if I am missing out on all of this peaceful stuff on a daily basis, how many other Christian friends of mine are doing the same thing. How can I stop in my tracks, change my thought process, reorganize my daily routine so God comes first? This is what I came up with…

  1. Do not step foot on the floor in the morning until you have paid homage to the Lord (i.e. a prayer to start the day, read “Our Daily Bread”, peruse the Bible according to our bulletin’s daily Bible readings)
  2. Engage in self meditation: sit in a comfortable chair, feet on the floor, lights dimmed, soft music/ light a candle. Close your eyes. Focus on your breathing as you slowly relax each muscle in your body. Imagine going to a calm peaceful place as you pull in all of your senses, breathe in and out. As you exhale each time, imagine all of your stress and worries leaving your body through your fingertips and toes. As you open your eyes in a calm state, follow your meditation with a Bible reading.
  3. Carve out God time while you are in the car, waiting for a doctor appointment, standing outside waiting for your child’s bus to come. Avoid all possible distractions such as the radio, cell phone, ipad etc. Just send your thoughts to God, if you find the inner focus within yourself, you just may hear what He has to say!

According to psychologists, it takes twenty-one days to create a new habit. Lent is forty-six days. Isn’t now a good time to begin fitting God into your daily life?

In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express. And he who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for the saints in accordance with God’s will. [Romans 8:26]

Submitted by Lisa Sternstrom