2/21 - NO, It's NOT THE BIBLE, but

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Yes, the Bible is a book about why you're here and why all of us are here! But what you see here is a four-page book done just for me years ago by our granddaughter, Courtney. After you read my interpretation of this little book of hers, you may understand why I'm hesitant to ask her to do a second edition. If she was this smart then what kind of book would she write now that she is a Ph.D candidate at UMass? That sounds a bit silly, I know, but you understand that was just a proud grandpa talking. No, it's not the Bible, but I've often thought about it in a kind-of Biblical sense.


First of all, maybe I did spill the milk - maybe that's why I was here and not there because I didn't want to clean it up! It would be nice, of course, if someone else had spilled the milk, but who could it have been? The Bible doesn't start with the words "In the beginning Adam and Eve. .." They come into the story pretty soon though and begin to make a mess of things - or so the story goes. History - and even the Bible - tell us that we can do a lot of good things in response to God's Presence, but we still "spill the milk." quite often.


So, that's who made the mess in the first place - Adam and Eve! But you may say, we weren't talking about that mess. How, in God's name, can we ever think of cleaning up that mess?


We've all probably been told not to cry over spilled milk, just clean it up and try not to spill it again. . . and again. That's good advice, but if we interpret Courtney's book a little biblically, we realize that we've inherited a world full of problems old and new, messes that have never been cleaned up! If we think about that a bit more, we may be frightened by the idea that that's why we're here - to do all that we can, with God's help, to clean up a lot of life's problems.


Not to worry though, Courtney decided that it was probably a cat that spilled the milk so that's why I wasn't there but here. But cats don't always clean up their messes - we have to! Yes, we've got a world of problems, but what I need to add is that we are all called, with God's strengthening help, to try to deal with them - perhaps even joyfully together. I like to think that's a bit of what our Sunday mornings are all about.

Submitted by Don Gustafson