2/19 - What Is $350,000 Worth?

. Posted in 2013 Lenten Readings

Immanuel's annual budget is approximately $350,000. For that sum of money we receive the dedicated service of some salaried people and many unpaid volunteers for an entire year, plus maintenance of our church. What they provide to hundreds of us impacts our spiritual lives, but also our secular lives. And, the work of our leaders and volunteers helps the lives of uncounted numbers of people outside of our church congregation. And, in addition, we tithe with part of the annual budget going to the larger church. On one Sunday in January, Pastor Dan reminded us that during the Super Bowl, private companies will pay $4 million for 30 seconds of advertising during midpoint of the game. In anyone's world that expenditure is astonishing!! Immanuel's total annual budget would purchase about 2 seconds of time! What else would Immanuel's annual budget purchase? Immanuel's entire annual budget would pay for just one year of salary for the president of just one Worcester college. Immanuel's total budget would pay for just 6 days of the research program at a Worcester college like WPL. The annual budget would pay for a group of 40 retirees going on a nice two week trip with the Greendale Retired Men's Club (yes, they might "deserve" it) with some money left over. Yes, and the total annual budget would purchase a nice home for 2 (over age 55) at a condominium development in Holden. This kind of analysis could go on and on. It is clear that the lives of hundreds of US are assisted in so many, many ways by what is truly a modest amount of money. Let us all be thankful for that.


Submitted by Ed Clarke