2/14 - On the Road: Luke 24

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A modern poem by George Slanger
After the great blow, we fled,
seeking refuge in betweeness,
uneasy in the cities, happy
only on the road, where life’s
sliced thin enough to bear.
Wrapped in anonymity we could
 obliterate that story, the one
that ended badly, whose end
eviscerated its beginnings.  We
could go back, unweave it strand
by strand, so the pain
of each separate strand could be borne.
But then the stranger interposed
himself, dragged the story out
of us, rewove its separate
threads to some more glorious end

and then—then excused himself
to make a phone call and was never
seen again, and we sat stunned
and then went out and read that story
in the stars and agreed
all roads lead home.
                       *This poem was published in the Journal, THEOLOGY TODAY
                                            The story it refers to is found in Luke 24: 13-25

Submitted by Don Gustafson

Lent 2003 02 14

Submitted by Delaney Colson