Introduction to 2013 Devotionals

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Lent 2013

Dear members and friends of Immanuel,

I look forward each year to reading the daily devotional reflections that our members submit for this Lenten booklet. I look forward to it because it gives me an opportunity to be on the receiving end of your spiritual reflections, guidance and nurture. I spend no small amount of time striving to find words that will uplift and inspire, stir faith and deepen Christian discipleship in others. It’s nice to discover that our roles can be switched, and that you have words to inspire one another and me.

This booklet is a gift that can be accessed and used in a variety of ways. This introduction is in the printed version that you are holding in your hands, but the daily devotions will also be posted on Immanuel’s website and on our Facebook page. You can send links to the on-line versions to anyone you know. You can give this copy to a friend or co-worker and then pick up another for yourself. You can leave it in a doctor’s office for others to discover. And, of course, you can keep it beside your bed or kitchen table and use it daily from now until Easter.

While we needed, as always, to repeatedly remind people of the looming deadline for submissions, it seemed somewhat easier this year to reach our goal. I especially look forward to reading the submissions of “first–time” contributors. As has been true for several years now, we owe our deep thanks to Ken and Kathy Cranson for their passion to do whatever it takes to get this publication completed and produced in time for Ash Wednesday. Be sure to thank them when you get a chance.

May God bless you in all of the coming Lenten days, and in whatever discipline of devotion and discipleship that you’ve chosen, and through them bring us together to the joy of Easter.  

Pastor Dan Wilfrid